Ganey Law Group works with each client to assist them in forming and executing

an efficient strategy to achieve their immigration goals. We understand that each case is unique,

and treat each immigration matter with care and attention to detail.


At Ganey Law Group, our individualized representation and commitment

to success keep you moving forward. We focus our practice on a broad range of immigration

law matters on behalf of all types of clients, including:

Individuals & Families

Each year, millions of people come to the U.S. to live safely with their family members and to better themselves through hard work. Many immigration options exist for people who wish to preserve family unity, study, and live life fully in the U.S.

Strict deadlines, changes in the law, and the interaction of multiple sets of rules may complicate individual and family immigration, but these obstacles can be avoided through expertise and attention to detail.

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At Ganey Law Group, we provide the thoughtfulness and experience necessary to ensure that you meet your immigration objectives. Whether you want to bring your family member to the U.S., seek to remain in the U.S. with work authorization, or need a plan for after graduation, Ganey Law Group crafts immigration solutions that help you achieve your goals.

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Below you will find information about immigration options we have successfully pursued on our clients’ behalf:


  • I-130 Family-based Petitions.
  • K-1 Nonimmigrant Visa for a Fiancé(e).
  • B-1/B2 Visitor for business, tourism or pleasure.
  • DACA Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
  • TPS Temporary Protected Status.
  • F-1 Students and Exchange Visitors.
  • F-1 Students and Exchange Visitors.
  • OPT Optional Practical Training.
  • STEM OPT Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Optional Practical Training.
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor non-immigrant.
  • 2-Year Home Residency Requirement Waivers.


Investors & Entrepreneurs

Exploring immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs can be one of the most interesting and exciting areas of immigration law. From Fortune 500 companies to smaller enterprises, immigrant entrepreneurship has been vital to the history of the United States. Immigrants have started some of the largest, most well-known businesses in the U.S., while small, immigrant-owned businesses continue to play an important role in the heart of the U.S. economy.

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Investor and entrepreneur immigration can also be one of the most complex areas of immigration law. Each immigration option must be planned to a tee, as one wrong step can result in the loss of significant money, time, and energy.

From reviewing Regional Center business plans for investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars, to advising clients on how to make their dream of business ownership a reality in the U.S., Ganey Law Group has significant experience designing and executing immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs.

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Below you will find information about just a few of the visas we have used to help our clients achieve their immigration goals:

  • EB-5 Direct
  • EB-5 Regional Center
  • E-1
  • E-2
  • L-1 New Office
Employers & Employees

Employers and employees constantly leverage U.S. immigration law to meet personal and professional objectives. Diverse industries including finance, engineering, tech, the arts, hospitals, and universities benefit from the contributions of immigrant employees. Meanwhile, individuals seeking employment in the U.S. may use immigration options to achieve their goals, ranging from a dream job to permanent residence and eventual citizenship.

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Two critical elements of successful business immigration planning are a clear vision of the objectives of the employer and employee, and an accurate assessment of which steps should be taken at present to best allow for future planning. At Ganey Law Group, we are quick to comprehend business strategy, and have the ability to help employers and employees understand the advantages and disadvantages of each potential immigration option.

Ganey Law Group attorneys provide advice to employers and employees on immigration strategies, prepare applications for employment-based visas and work authorization, and help clients comply with federal laws and regulations.

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Below you will find information about some of the immigration options we have used to help clients achieve their employment immigration goals.

  • EB-1
  • EB-2
  • EB-3
  • H-1B/H-1B1
  • E-3
  • L-1A
  • L-1B
  • O
  • P
  • TN