Individuals & Families

Each year, millions of people come to the U.S. to live safely with their family members. Many immigration options exist for people who wish to preserve travel to the U.S. with their families, work, study, and live life fully in the U.S. Strict deadlines, changes in the law and the interaction of multiple sets of rules may complicate individual and family immigration, but these obstacles can be avoided through expertise and attention to detail.

At Ganey Law Group, we provide the thoughtfulness and experience necessary to ensure that you meet your immigration objectives. Whether you want to bring your family member to the U.S., seek to remain in the U.S. with work authorization, or need a plan for after graduation, Ganey Law Group crafts immigration solutions that help you reach your goals.

Immigration options we consider and pursue with our clients regularly:

  • Family-based visa petitions (I-130), adjustment of status, and/or consular processing
  • FiancĂ©e visas (K-1 visas)
  • Two-year home residency requirement waivers (212(e) waivers)
  • Student visas (F-1 visas) and related issues (OPT, STEM OPT)
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • DACA
  • Provisional Waivers (I-601A)
  • Political asylum
  • Humanitarian Parole, and Parole-in-Place

Investors & Entrepreneurs

Exploring immigration options for investors, entrepreneurs, and their families can be one of the most interesting and exciting areas of immigration law. Immigrant investment and entrepreneurship have been vital to the history of the United States as significant wealth flows into the U.S. from abroad, and immigrants have started some of the largest, most well-known businesses in the U.S.

Investor and entrepreneur immigration is also a highly complex area of immigration law. Each immigration option must be carefully considered, mapped out, and executed efficiently.

Ganey Law Group has significant experience in designing and executing immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs. We focus on real-life plans and then leverage our experience to help our investor and entrepreneur clients meet their objectives.

Immigration options we consider and pursue with our clients regularly:

  • EB-5 visas, both through direct investments and with some of the most reputable Regional Centers in the U.S.
  • E-2 visas
  • L-1 visas, along with EB-1C green card options

Employers & Employees

Employment-based immigration is overly-complicated, and can be stressful for both the employer and the employee. Employers seek the most efficient immigration option, while employees want to understand how a particular process will affect them and their family members. At Ganey Law Group, we are quick to comprehend business strategy, and have the ability to help employers and employees understand the advantages and disadvantages of each potential immigration option.

Immigration options we consider and pursue with our clients regularly:

  • All manner of green card options for highly-qualified individuals and executives, EB-1A, EB-1B, and EB-1C
  • Green card options through National Interest Waivers, and labor certifications
  • Employment-based visas, including H-1B visas and L visas
  • Visas for talented professionals (O-1 visas)
  • Visas for professionals from Mexico (TN visas)

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